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War Of Wizards

get_it_on_play_logo_largeHELP THE MIPS : WAR OF WIZARDS

★ A mix between tactical, action, and role playing game
★ Improve your skills and abilities
★ Learn amazing Spells
★ Spells improvements
★ Pass through fantastic worlds
★ Fight for freedom : free the Mips from the Red Turtle’s oppression

After a quiet night on Mipo nothing goes: All the people have gone crazy and start to chase you! You seem to be the only one still normal. Few slaps to one of your friends and it returns to normal! Your heroic spirit then starts walking you will Mipo free!
You must traverse all places Mips corrupt lives to bring them to their senses and bring the peace and quiet of Mipo.
Go from one universe to discover the truth about this disturbing story ….
To discover the truth about YOU ….
Help the Mips ! Free Mipo !


APPEGGS ★★★★★ (Editor Pick) : “The design of War Of Wizards is unique, distinguished and outstanding..”
APPSZOOM ★★★★☆ : “WoW Mips!” “An original defense game” “recommended for parents and children alike.”
GAMERS : ☆ Good game! Nice gameplay! ☆ “Very solid job!” ☆ “Wow !” ☆ Lovingly made! ☆



✔ 3 worlds (Much more to come)
✔ 3 enemy species with
✔ 36 levels ; 7 enemy species
✔ Spells, skills with up to 15 powers
✔ 25 Achievement’s medals to unlock
✔ Swarm leaderboards
✔ TapJoy enabled to unlock all items for free


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